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Portrait Medy Kaba Agence Jam-teery

Medy Kaba

Born in November 1995 in Paris, Medy Kaba spent most of his childhood between West Africa (Togo, Côte d'Ivoire), South Africa, and France. He stumbled upon photography by pure chance at a young age, and this hobby gradually became a central part of his life, eventually turning into his main activity. With a passion for experimentation, he loves exploring different mediums and uses his curiosity to venture into various aspects of photography, from fashion to documentary. Anything related to images captivates him.

Bamako k'an ben

Enchanting and refreshing, the series "Bamako k'an ben" is a tribute to Bamako, Mali, seen through the eyes and lens of the artist, Medy Kaba.

Medy Kaba explored the imagery of the capital city during his journey to this fascinating place, drawing inspiration from the history of his own family. His aim was to honor this country with joy and love, which is clearly reflected in the photos he captured.

Each image is a snapshot of daily life: vibrant market scenes, bustling streets, warm smiles, and welcoming faces. They transport us into the life of the city, allowing us to discover its cultural and human richness.

Using vivid colors and strong contrasts, Medy Kaba creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere in each photo. He captures moments of joy and happiness, as well as contemplative and thoughtful moments.

This series takes us on a journey through time and space, inviting us to discover the beauty and diversity of Bamako. It is a heartfelt testament to the love the artist has for his hometown and his passion for photography.

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