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Portrait Steohane Khettal Agence Jam-Teery

Stéphane Khettal

Stéphane Khettal is a musician, composer, and DJ known for his unique and unconventional sound creations. His musical journey began at a young age of five when he discovered rhythm using a drum set made of various cake boxes. At the age of seven, he purchased his first drum set with his brother, and that moment became a revelation for him, leading him to dedicate his life to music. He later learned to play the guitar and bass, which became his new instruments to explore.
Influenced and liberated by noise rock and metal, Stéphane's musical vision shifted at the age of 14 with the discovery of Electro Body Music, industrial music, and avant-garde genres. He has always been drawn to non-conventional paths and has a distaste for mainstream radio. He finds inspiration in highly creative artists such as Einstürzende Neubauten, and his desire for originality stimulates his intuition and creativity. His passion for production and creation eventually led him to fulfill his dream of building and living in his own home studio.
For the past two decades, Stéphane has performed in prestigious festivals and concert venues across Europe. Currently, he is part of the duo Purple On Time, which has completed over 200 shows in the past six years. From the creative process to the stage, Stéphane Khettal sees the need to connect people through music as a true way of life.

Musical Creation

Here you will find a selection of titles produced by Stephane Khettal.

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