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Portrait Charlie Kapagolet Agence Jam-teery

Charlie Kapagolet

Charlie Kapagolet , also known as LawlessProd, is a multi-talented artist with a passion for drawing, music, dance, and photography. Growing up with a mother who was passionate about analog photography, Charlie developed a keen interest in the art form from an early age. While initially considering creating video content, he eventually found his love for photography. His current projects mainly focus on portrait art and event photography, characterized by tightly framed shots with often bold contrasts.
In addition to his photography work, Charlie Kapagolet is renowned as LawlessProd, his stage name as a composer, beatmaker, and DJ. Known for his musical curiosity, he collaborates with various international artists, including Medusa TN, Kara Nandjee, and the dance company Kif Dance. After spending several years working with collectives and diverse organizations, LawlessProd has recently decided to focus on releasing his music through labels in the Bass/Trap scene.

Carnet de voyage en centrafrique

Musical création

Here is a playlist of his latest work under the name Lawless prod

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