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Décadence urbaine
Xavier Barnet

Venez découvrir le 1er triptyque dans notre galerie cette série photographique explorant les projets urbains et architecturaux n'ayant pas pu atteindre le but désiré par l'architecte, promoteur ou autorité.

Exposition du 18/01/24 au 01/04/24 dans la galerie Jam-teery

85 boulevard barthelemy dagnan 

83190 Ollioules

Our D.N.A

Welcome to Jam-Teery Art Agency, a paragon of counterculture, founded by Jules Pignol-Guidicelli. Our mission is to challenge existing paradigms through the representation of established and emerging artists who push the boundaries of contemporary art with their creative, unique, and singular visions. These "visions" deserve to be brought to light.
We take pride in representing a wide range of talents, offering them the freedom to create without constraints while guiding them towards realizing their full potential. We firmly believe that it is through this process that the most innovative and inspiring works are born.
Our slogan, "a paragon of counterculture," reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of contemporary art, constantly seeking out new talents and new voices. We seek artists who offer a fresh and alternative perspective on the world, challenging established norms. At Jam-Teery, we believe that art can be a powerful catalyst for change.
Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, or a collector, we invite you to join the Jam-Teery community.

Our artists

Portrait matteo Ballochi

plastic artist


Handpoke tattooer


Photographer / DJ



portrait valentine ezavin

Valentine Ezavin

Actress / Model


Sound artist

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Our gallery

You can visit us at the agency's gallery located on the west side of the French Riviera in Var.



65 boulevard Barthélémy Dagnan 

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