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Portrait Jean jacques Bernier agence Jam-Teery

Jean-Jacques Bernier

Jean-Jacques Bernier is a French photographer born in 1955. After obtaining a vocational certificate and a Master's degree in photography with a portraitist, he turned to photojournalism, working for local press outlets such as Courrier de l'Ouest and La Nouvelle République, and became a local correspondent for the Gamma agency.
His career took him to Paris, where he joined the Interpress agency. After a year, he joined the Gamma agency, initially as a freelancer and later as a staff member for 10 years. During this time, he covered general news and then specialized in showbiz events (performances, film shoots, meetings with artists) for numerous French and international magazines. Upon returning to his native region near Nantes, he specialized in corporate photography for brands in various industries such as yachting, fashion, and manufacturing. He also pursued numerous personal projects.
Today, his images are distributed by the Gamma/Rapho agency and are featured in magazines and publications. They bring joy to many collectors in France and abroad. Jean-Jacques Bernier is represented in Paris by the Hegoa and Fifty One galleries.


It was during a concert at the Palace in Paris that Jean-Jacques Bernier met Serge Gainsbourg for a studio photoshoot. The artist brought a French flag to illustrate the album "Aux armes et cætera" and took this opportunity to assert his French identity. He, the son of a Russian father and a Ukrainian mother who fled the revolution in Odessa to join what would become their homeland: France.
Serge Gainsbourg insisted on taking multiple shots and carefully selecting them, as he wanted to appear upright and proud.
"On the afternoon of July 10, 1985, at Studio Pin Up, I suggested to Serge to take a photo with the tricolor flag. Without hesitation, proud and upright, he held it up like a banner." - Jean-Jacques Bernier.

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