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Portrait Jules P Guidicelli Agence Jam-Teery

Jules Pignol-Guidicelli

Jules Pignol-Guidicelli is a passionate advocate of art and embracing differences. Coming from a nomadic family, he has always been drawn to travel and discovering new horizons. His career took shape under the guidance of photographer Olivier Monge, who imparted knowledge and techniques in the field of photography and gallery development (Fermé le Lundi, Marseille). Alongside his role as an assistant, he honed his skills in art sales and marketing.
With a vision of establishing his own art agency, Jules Pignol-Guidicelli pursued studies in political science, commerce, art history, and digital media, all while actively engaging in documentary work with marginalized, abandoned, or ostracized communities. His mantra is: "If I didn't hesitate to burn my eyes and memory, it was so that everything I encountered could be seen and felt by all."
Through the collaboration with Agence Jam-Teery, Jules Pignol-Guidicelli brings his expertise in art promotion, public relations, and project development to support artists. He continues to travel and document stories that reflect the diversity of the world, striving to give a voice to those who are often ignored or marginalized.

American dream,
beyond disillusionment

One of his photographic series, "American Dream, beyond disillusionment," created in 2016, explores themes of loneliness, social crisis, poverty, abandonment, and drug use in American cities. However, the series does not solely focus on the dark aspects of American society; it also showcases the sublime nature that reminds us of how tiny humans are in the face of a nature they try so hard to surpass.
As a nomadic photographer, Jules Pignol-Guidicelli has traveled to cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Oakland. During his journeys, he witnessed the rapid gentrification of urban neighborhoods, resulting in increased impoverishment of the working classes. This gentrification pushed the marginalized and forgotten even further to the margins of society, leaving a dehumanized and abandoned population. The entire Bay Area, for example, experienced an excessively rapid gentrification process that exacerbated the impoverishment of the working classes. While businesses established infrastructure and models to increase their attractiveness to their teams and potential recruits, it came at the expense of the marginalized and forgotten.
L.A. faces a dichotomy between a privileged population trying to enjoy the privileges and opportunities offered by a struggling liberalism, and multiple ostracized communities for whom Sunset Boulevard has become a long descent into misery and survival.
Jules Pignol-Guidicelli has witnessed this violence on numerous occasions throughout his life in the USA—sometimes sudden, loud, and brief, and other times long, silent, and dehumanizing. But even in the darkest moments, he remains convinced that humanity, solidarity, and compassion are always present.

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